At Stoker Brothers, we work hard to design and create a home that is warm, inviting, and exceptional. We believe our home at 827 Avenue T in Shallowater fits right into those categories and is one of our best works yet!

We cannot get enough of this lovely Shallowater house’s incredible cedar wood accents and elegant detailing. The 7 foot-cedar fence and one story home are a match made in heaven. With a warm, inviting entrance, this Shallowater home breathes you in to it’s comfortable interior that combines one story essentials with a touch of rustic style.

It’s an open concept with high ceilings intended to broaden your home, while it broadens your gaze. The huge living room is family oriented, perfect for quality time with family and friends. With ample space and an awesome patio, this home is great for holidays and hosting a party. 827 Avenue T is equipped with a large laundry room for when life gets messy and mud lockers for easily accessible organization.

While this home caters to a family lifestyle, the great trim and beautiful cabinet work provide an element of poise and class. The beautiful flooring and luxurious soaking bath tubs transport you to a peaceful and restful resort. The designer colors and modern light fixtures mold the modern look with the traditional idea of a home. Each tiny detail is intentional so that everywhere you look it feels like home.

This home will be available today! If you are looking for a unique and inviting home, Stoker Brothers is here for you! Give us a ring to learn more about this wonderful property.

We are a company that cares deeply about what you are dreaming about for a future home. Whether your budget is small or large, we can build you the home you desire. If you can dream it, we can make it a reality. Let us help you!