When you imagine your dream home, you’re visualizing something brand new — something that can be specialized just for you. It’s the perfect home for you and no one else.

That’s why you need a Lubbock home builder you can trust to bring your dream to life. Trust Stoker Brothers Construction in Shallowater, because we understand the difference between moving into an assembly-line house and designing the home of your dreams. We design and build only the finest homes in West Texas.

Stoker Brothers Home Builders in Shallowater is a family-owned company run by Taylor, Jace, and Brady Stoker, three brothers raised in Shallowater with deep West Texas roots and a commitment to excellence. We work closely with each customer to design each facet of their new home with extra care. From the choice of wood to the type of stone or brick facade, we ensure every last detail fits our customer’s needs.

Stoker Brothers Construction in Shallowater understands it’s tempting to settle for a “close-enough” home that will work even though it is not exactly what you had in mind. But it’s important to remember that you may spend the next 20 years — or maybe more — building your life in this house. Don’t let a fast-buck builder determine the scope of your family’s dreams. Stoker Brothers Construction in Shallowater will design and build a home to your exact specifications. We build homes that are warm and inviting, not fast-track houses that are merely quick and easy to build. At Stoker Brothers Construction, we pay attention to every last detail, making sure it lives up to your dream.

Check us out at www.stokerbrothers.com and view our current array of exquisite custom homes, some of which are still under construction. We believe our work will speak for itself. Give us a call at (806) 787-6342 and schedule an appointment to discuss your plans for your new home. There’s no sales pitch when you work with Stoker Brothers. We are there to listen and understand your needs, and we’ll provide an array of options to suit your project and budget.

When you need a Lubbock home builder that listens to your needs, trust Stoker Brothers Construction in Shallowater. We’re in the business of making your dreams come true.