Beautiful, breathtaking, and incredible are just a few words we have heard used when describing this home. When you walk up to this home, you immediately see why we love this home. With an illustrious wood archway to welcome guests and incredible front porch lighting, the curb appeal of this home is unprecedented

With this home, we created a wide-open floor plan with unique woodwork accents. It also includes the patio of dreams. The patio has two fans and incredible windows to let in natural light. It is the ideal place to entertain family, friends, and other guests! The yard is laced with a 7-foot cedar fence and provides extra space for those nice, West Texas nights.

The kitchen features a cool chandelier, wooden centerpiece, and beautiful cabinet work perfect for cooking, aesthetic appeal, and functionality. You can see directly into the backyard as you cook away.

While this home caters to a family lifestyle, the great trim and beautiful cabinet work provide an element of poise and class. The beautiful flooring and luxurious soaking bath tubs transport you to a peaceful and restful resort. The designer colors and modern light fixtures mold the modern look with the traditional idea of a home. Each tiny detail is intentional so that everywhere you look it feels like home.

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