When homes were built over 40 years ago, sometimes that means the house might need a facelift. We can help transform your home into a modern oasis while keeping its original charm. We remodeled a home on 28th St. street by updating the floors, utilizing the natural lighting, and updating the bathroom.

Most homes have a lot going for them. You can’t lose with an open floor plan. It opens up the room and immediately updates the look of the home. 5510 28th St. remodel has a stone fireplace unlike anything we have ever seen. We balanced the eclectic nature of the fireplace with a brick backsplash in the kitchen to marry the old and the new.

Custom lighting is another element we highly consider in a remodel. An updated chandelier adds a modern look to the home and balances well with the floors and distinctive fireplace.

At Stoker Brothers Custom Homes, we capitalize on current features of the home and add some new elements to provide an updated look to a remodel. If you aren’t looking for a new place to live, consider updating your current bathroom or kitchen. You don’t have to move into a new home for things to feel new.