Here’s a common myth about custom home design: You can’t afford to do it unless you have the money to build an enormous house. That’s simply not true. That’s why Stoker Brothers Construction in Shallowater wants to fill you in on the benefits of an open concept.

The basic idea of an open concept

This type of concept offers several advantages over standard floor plans. Most importantly, it eliminates barriers that inhibit movement between rooms, thus giving you more usable living space. Pillars and partial walls retain the home’s structural integrity, but the elimination of doors and full walls allow sound, light, and movement to flow into all parts of the space.

An open concept makes maximum use of minimal square footage. Your home seems much larger because you’re utilizing all of the space. It also facilitates interaction between someone in the kitchen area and someone watching television in the living area. There’s no more need to yell or walk into another room to say something. It’s great for entertaining, because you can converse with your guests while you’re preparing dinner in the kitchen. With the living room and kitchen areas combined, you can cook a meal and keep a close eye on your kids in the living rooom.

At Stoker Brothers Construction in Shallowater, we’ve designed a number of these open concept homes, and the results have made our customers very happy. We have the kind of experience you look for in a Lubbock home builder. Give us a call at (806) 787-6342 and tell us what kind of dream home you have in mind. We’ll listen to your needs and provide a proposal that fits your budget. Be sure to visit Stoker Brothers Construction in Shallowater at and view our array of open-concept designs